HORSESHOE 295/75R22.5 Steer All Position Commercial Radial Tires 144L G Load 29575225

HORSESHOE 295/75R22.5 Steer All Position Commercial Radial Tires 144L G Load 29575225

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Brand New HORSESHOE 295/75r22.5 

14PR Heavy Duty G Load 144L Commercial Radial Tire


Deep Tread Depth: 18/32nds

Total price is for One (1) tire Free delivered to anywhere in US lower 48 states

(See Delivery information below)*


*Tire Specifications:

Overall Diameter (inches) 39.76"

Section Width (inches) 11.61"

Speed Symbol L / 75 MPH

Max Inflation Pressure (PSI) 120

Tread Depth (32nds) 18/32nds

Recommended Rim Width (inches) 9"

Ply Rating 14

Load Range G

Tire Weight (pounds) 120 LBS



Total cost is for 1 tire Free Delivered to anywhere in the lower 48 states

Tires Only, wheels (Rim) not included.

Order will deliver by UPS/FedEx Ground directly drop to your door

Or Ship by a LTL Shipping Company in Pallet

Cannot ship to a PO box

All Shipping Orders will be Processed within 24 Hours (one working day)!


*Estimated delivery time will be between 2-10 business days depending on delivery location, Residential delivery or Non-Commercial locations shipped by LTL freight will require an appointment and may delay estimated delivery times, please note* if you do not hear from shipping company within 6-7 business days after order has been shipped out then please contact us so we can track your shipment.


*Manufacturer Direct Warranty for All our Selling Tires:


1) 70,000 Miles (1 Year) Full Replacement Tread Warranty, A 100,000 Miles Pro-Rated Tread Warranty and a 5-years Casing Warranty Up to 2-Recaps and all of our Selling Tires are BRAND NEW & REGROOVABLE!

2)The natural rubber material of our Selling Tires all are imported from Malaysia and Thailand, and our factory use only all new 100% Virgin rubber, Carbon black and steel .

3)100% Each our Selling Commercial Truck Tire are Uniformity and Dynamic balance test to 4 ounces or less (which means the tires can be directly mounted without balancing) and all our Selling Tires coming off the assembly line are X-Rayed for defects & appearance prior to leaving our factory floor.


*Warning -

for your safety - Tires must be installed by a certified and trained installer. Certified installers must follow instructions from tire manufacturers on correct mounting procedures (Many companies have instructions printed on label attached to face of tire, if no label is on tire contact tire manufacture for correct mounting procedure.